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How Much Money Does A Speech Writer Make?

Writing a speech can be a lucrative profession. Many people who do this for a living earn a good living, and some even make a fairly substantial amount of money. That being said, there are a variety of factors that one must consider before entering the field. Below, you will find an overview of how much money a speech writer makes, along with some helpful information about entering the profession and making the most of your career.

The Average Salary For A Speech Writer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a speech writer is $64,200 per year. However, this varies considerably by geography. For example, in Los Angeles County the average salary is $91,000, while in New York City it is only $53,200. On a national level, the average annual salary is about $64,200.

The Growth Prospects For A Speech Writer

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are a number of promising industries for those interested in working as a speech writer. In 2020 alone, there were over 263,000 jobs available in the field. That being said, the demand for speech writers is predicted to exceed the supply by 20% or more in the next few years.

As technology advances and the world becomes more accessible via the internet, the need for skilled writers will only increase. In fact, a degree in applied linguistics or communication can put you ahead of the competition for high-paying jobs.

Top Reasons To Become A Speech Writer

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t specifically list “top reasons to become a speech writer,” here are some of the more obvious benefits:

  • The opportunities for professional growth are endless.
  • You will gain valuable insight into many different languages and cultures.
  • You are helping others and contributing to the world at the same time.
  • You have a talent for turning thoughts into words.

If you can identify with any of these reasons, then a career in speech writing may be for you. Keep in mind though that this is a competitive job market, and you must have a solid understanding of business and marketing in order to succeed.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Those interested in pursuing a career as a speech writer can find a wealth of information online. The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) maintains a website that provides helpful tips for those entering the field. The site mentions that many companies are willing to work with candidates who have either graduated from college or have extensive professional experience. In addition, the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) has a flourishing LinkedIn Group for those interested in pursuing a career as a speech writer. The group has over 54,000 members, which is quite extensive. Members share information about job opportunities, advance their careers, and provide support to one another.

One of the leading professional societies for those interested in speech writing is the International Speech Writing Association (ISWA). This organization was founded in 1921 and has over 120 chapters worldwide. As a member of this group, you will gain exposure to a global community of professionals.

What Is My Career Path As A Speech Writer?

After you have determined that working as a speech writer is a suitable profession for you, you can begin researching your career options. Above, you have learned about the average salary for a speech writer. Below, you will find a short tutorial on how to find your niche and build a successful career in this intriguing and rewarding field.

Where Do I Start?

Before you begin your career as a speech writer, you must have a strong foundation in English. Even if you have a decent vocabulary and basic grammar, you will still need to brush up on your writing skills. There are various websites available that provide articles, blogs, and other types of content that you can use as a learning tool. You can also find books at the local library that can serve as a useful resource.

How Long Does It Take To Get Started?

If you decide to pursue a career in speech writing, then you should begin looking for jobs as soon as possible. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the first step in your career is to look for work as an unpaid intern. During this time, you will be provided with professional training and develop your freelance writing skills. Typically, this stage of your career will last between three and six months.

After you have completed your internship, you can begin looking for paid jobs as a speech writer. Regardless of whether you decided to continue pursuing this career or not, you should continue to build your resume anyway.

The Resume

A resume is a mandatory document in any job search. It is a short summary of your professional experience that is used to qualify you for certain jobs or careers. In the case of a job search for a speech writer, your resume should include at least the following items:

  • A summary of your education (high school and college)
  • Your professional experience (including the internship if you had one)
  • A list of special skills (e.g., editing, copywriting, speaking, presenting)

The Cover Letter

A cover letter is a type of letter that is used to introduce yourself to a potential employer. It is usually tailored to the specific job for which you are applying. A cover letter is an opportunity to display your professionalism and highlight your key accomplishments. They are also a chance to discuss any relevant experience that may be useful to the recruiter. Your cover letter should not be longer than one page and should be written in plain English.

In the case of a job search for a speech writer, your cover letter should include the following information:

  • A short introduction about yourself
  • An explanation of why you are qualified for the job (including your resume)
  • A statement about your commitment to the job (e.g., I will give it my all)

Business And Marketing

As mentioned above, working as a speech writer can be quite lucrative. In addition to the average salary listed above, you can potentially earn additional money from the following sources:

  • Awards and honors
  • Royalties for books and speeches
  • Fee-for-service (i.e., you get paid for each project you complete)
  • Freelance writing (i.e., you get paid for each article you write)

If your primary job search is focused on marketing and business, then you should take a look at industries like public relations, marketing, and advertising. Many of these jobs can be found online, and many are available in traditional newspaper and magazine outlets. If you have a firm grasp of business and marketing, then entering the field can be quite promising.


Working as a speech writer can be a lucrative profession with a great deal of opportunity for those who qualify. However, it takes a certain type of person to succeed in this field. Essentially, you must have a talent for turning thoughts into words, a strong understanding of business and marketing, and above all, you must be willing to learn and continue growing as a professional.