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How Much Money Does a Manga Writer Make?

A manga writer is someone who creates original comics, which are known for their humor and style. These stories are usually about impossible situations that the characters have to deal with, which makes them quite popular. The best-known manga writers include Shigeo Kiyoshi and his younger brother, Haru, who often work together. They are most well-known for their comedy series, Fist of the North Star, which was adapted into a popular anime series. Other notable manga writers include Junji Ito and Gengoroh Tagwally, whose works are often serialized in adult magazines. While many manga writers are freelancers, those who are established sometimes work for publishing companies. The amount of money that a typical manga writer makes varies, but is generally not more than $200,000 per year, if ever. It’s a pretty decent living, but not something that will allow you to retire on. There is also the option of becoming a mangaka, which is the Japanese word for “manga artist.” This is a more prestigious title, and can lead to higher paying jobs. Still, it’s likely that you will have to spend most of your time writing and drawing comics if you want to make a decent living. 

The Biggest Earning Potential

If you want to become a manga writer, then your best bet would be to start writing and drawing comics as soon as possible, as this is the most profitable career path for those who do so. This is mainly because there is so much demand for this kind of content, that many shops and publications will be willing to take on your work, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable experience while making some extra cash. You will generally find that the earlier you start, the better, as there will be more opportunities as time goes on. Just make sure that you put your best foot forward, and work hard enough to make a decent living. You will not find a lot of fans of your work if you are not willing to put the effort in, as it’s not easy to please everyone. If you want to become a successful manga writer, then you need to find a way to please the majority of your readers, as there are many other writers out there who are just as good, if not better than you, so you cannot please everyone. This is not to say that you have to be “popular” or make lots of money, as this is not the point of being a mangaka, but it’s often a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of a reader, and ask yourself, “What would make me love this manga character or series?” This will often lead you to the same answers that make other people love your work.

The Growth Of The Industry

The anime and manga industries are growing every year, and this is definitely reflected in the salaries that those in this field can earn. This is mainly because there is so much more scope for stories than there was 10 years ago, when many of these comics were first created. In 2019, the average income for a mangaka is just over $200,000, which makes it comfortably into the top 10% of all occupations in Japan. This is according to the Japanese government’s “Top 20 Income Earning Occupations For 2019” report. While this is not per day, it’s certainly enough to live comfortably in Japan.

The Most Popular Genres

It’s quite obvious that the majority of people who read manga are doing so because of the exciting stories that they are able to relate to. If you want to make the most out of your writing and drawing skills, then the most popular genres to focus on are probably comedy, action, and horror, or any combination thereof. If your goal is to become a well-known manga writer, then focusing on these topics will certainly help raise your profile within the industry. These genres also tend to be the most profitable to write and draw for, as there are often many different titles in each category. You can also get creative with your story ideas, and come up with your own original plots, which you can then base your stories on. The earlier you get started, the better, as there will be more titles to choose from as you get deeper into the field.

Where Can I Find Out More About Manga?

If you’re genuinely passionate about manga, then you can do a lot to advance your knowledge, which will in turn help you become a better writer. It’s a good idea to take a look at other famous writers’ works, to see how they approach the craft, and what they do to make their stories so good. Reading widely will also give you a fuller understanding of the industry, and will enable you to find out what types of things attract readers, and make them engage with your content. In terms of finding out more, if you have a favorite manga writer whom you feel has much to teach you, then begin by asking them for helpful tips. They will quite happily oblige, as they will want to see their craft being done professionally, and want to see your talent grow and develop. Getting a mentor would also be a great idea, as there are many experienced professionals who can help you get started in the right direction. For those who want to get ahead in the industry, then creating a good story is quite possibly the best way to do so. Still, it’s quite hard to stand out among such a crowded field, and get noticed for your unique voice, so if this is what you really want, then consider breaking out on your own, and creating your own original stories, which can then be published. Finally, if you want to be a successful manga writer, then you need to find a way to connect to your readers, and make them feel that the story that you are telling is something that they can relate to, and has a positive effect on their lives. Be creative, and unique, but also make sure that your stories are relatable, as this will make a huge difference to your career.