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How Much Money Do You Make Being a Writer?

It’s not like there’s a steady paycheck coming in every week. Being a writer is a lot of hard work, and can be a very solitary job. But, if you can make a decent living at it, it’s certainly worth it.

The Ultimate Paycheck to Have As a Writer

There are quite a few professions out there that pay pretty well. But, none of them quite match up to being a writer, and here’s why:

  • You get to define your own hours
  • You get to choose your own projects
  • You get to choose your own audience
  • You get to set your own pricing

So, what exactly does that mean for you as a writer? It means that you get to decide when you work and what you work on. You set the hours that you’ll need to put in, and the more you put in, the more you’ll get paid. For the most part, you get to choose your own projects, and those projects can be on any imaginable topic. And finally, the most important part, you get to set your own price. That is, the retail price that you’ll need to charge for your products or services. The more you charge, the more you’ll make. Simple, right?

All of this would be nice to have, but in reality, it’s very difficult to get all of this on your own. You’ll need to become savvy about getting paid for your writing, and hopefully, this blog post will help you do just that.

Ways to Make Money As a Writer

Now, as great as all of that sounds, getting paid to write is certainly not as easy as it sounds. There are actually several ways that you can make money as a writer. For the most part, these days, being a writer just means that you’ve got a blog of some sort. However, it’s not necessarily so. You can be published in print form and make money off of ads, or you can become a freelancer and get paid for each project that you complete. You can sell your own books or e-books through various online retailers.

No matter what route that you choose, the more you put in, the more you’ll make. It just takes some time to figure out how to get paid for all of that writing experience that you’ve got.