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How Much Can You Make as a Copywriter?

What will you find on the shelves of your local bookstore? You will likely see multiple tony pirate books, beach reads, and colorful best sellers, but did you ever wonder about the cheaper, more affordable titles that the bookstore’s employees choose to shelve?

These are the books that you may have overlooked, but you can bet that the people who worked at that bookstore considered these titles the jewels in their crown. They may not have made a lot of money, but these are the books that they are most proud to have on their shelves.

Let’s examine how much you can make as a copywriter.

The Nature Of The Job

First, let’s discuss the job itself. Are you looking for an easy way to make money? Do you want to be able to quit your job? Copywriting is a tough job, and while there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to become professional authors, most people looking to break into copywriting will have to work their way up from the ground floor.

This means that your earnings will likely be determined by the number of words you can produce in a hour. Typically, you will be paid per piece with some set deadlines for when to deliver the results of your work. You will not be paid for overtime, and you will not be able to take any vacation days unless you negotiate them beforehand.

If you love to write, this may be a good option for you. You will get to dive into a huge chunk of content, and from there you can work your way up to more lucrative opportunities. Remember though, all content that you produce will be attributed to you, so make sure that you are comfortable with this fact before you begin the copywriting process.

The Pay Scale

Next, let’s discuss the pay scale. You may be wondering how much you can expect to earn per hour as a copywriter. The answer is that it varies widely, but you can expect to make at least $15 per hour. This is pretty good, considering the fact that you will be working hard for minimum wage.

On the higher end of the pay scale, you can earn up to $25 per hour and even more if you are working on specific projects for a lot of money. As a beginner, you will have to look for jobs that pay per piece, and then from there you can negotiate your way up to a better rate.

The Future Of The Job

Lastly, let’s discuss the future of the job. It is an excellent opportunity to make a decent living if you are willing to put in the work. If you want to make a lot of money, you can look to become a full-time staff writer for a newspaper, magazine, or website. You will get to write about whatever you want, and the more you write, the more you will be paid. The downside is that this will take a lot of time, and you will likely not be able to build up your own clientele if you are just getting started.

If you are looking for a steady job that does not require a lot of effort, you can get into freelance copywriting. There are hundreds of agencies that specialize in content generation, so you will not be working directly for clients, which means that you can get paid almost immediately.