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How Much Does it Cost to Write an Ebook?

I’m often asked by people how much it costs to write a book. I tell them it depends on how you want to write it and who you want to work with. There are lots of different route to publication and most of them can be cost-effective. The sky is the limit if you want to write the ultimate adventure story but if you are looking for some quick cash then maybe consider some of the e-publication options out there.

The price of an ebook can be anywhere from $5 to $25, $50 to $75, or even up to $100. So, how much does it cost to write an ebook? It really depends on you and what you want to do.

Self-Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing

There are two main ways to publish a book: traditional and self-publishing. A traditional publisher will take on the project and edit drafts, get it into shape, and send it to print. On the other hand, when you choose to self-publish, you take on all the tasks associated with the project. You’ll have to set the price, write the text, design the cover, and publish the book. So, if you’re looking for a simple publishing route then go with traditional, but if you want to take the reins and handle everything yourself then go for self-publishing.

Which One is Right for You?

It’s really up to you and what you want out of the process. If you are looking for a traditional route to publication then consider a well-established house with a good reputation and lots of experience. You’ll have to put your faith in them and hope for the best. Alternatively, if you’d like to try and take the reins yourself then go with self-publishing. You’ll have to learn a lot along the way but it’s a fantastic opportunity to tell the world your story. You can do this on a very small scale with just a few friends and family, or you can take on a large community and see how much interest there is in your topic. It’s all up to you.

How Much Does an Ebook Cost to Market?

I think most people are very surprised when I tell them the cost of an ebook is so low in comparison to the cost of a print book. While print-on-print can be costly in terms of production and distribution, an ebook can be highly accessible to potential readers. Even lower-cost e-readers are amazing value-for-money devices and the range of compatible apps and content is endless. So, if you’re looking for a way to reach more people then go digital. Ebooks are great for that. They’re highly portable, highly readable, and available on all devices. If someone learns about your book through an ebook then the chances are they’ll eventually read it in print as well.

When Do You Publish?

Traditional publishing houses usually prefer to work with new authors and established authors who already have a large audience. In these situations they’ll want to work with you as soon as possible to get the book out into the world. So, if you’re looking for a time to launch your book then go with traditional publishing. Once the book is published then you can move to the other side of the sales counter and look for new customers.

Self-publishing is great for new or upcoming authors who want to see their book in print as soon as possible and don’t mind doing all the work themselves. The main issue with self-publishing is that it’s very time-consuming and a lot of work. You’ll have to market your book actively to convince potential readers to pick up your novel, and it’s all up to you. The good thing about self-publishing is that you can do it on a shoe-string budget and it will get your book out there quickly.

Which One is Right for You?

I think it’s important to remember there isn’t just one right answer here. It depends on your situation and what you want to do. If you are looking for a traditional route to publication then traditional is the way to go. For self-publishing, go that route but add another year onto the process. Learn as much as you can along the way and above all, enjoy the adventure.