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How Much Does Copywriting Pay in Australia?

Is there an ideal amount of money I should be earning as a copywriter? Is there a typical annual income I should be looking for? How much should I charge for a freelance copywriting assignment? My aim is to provide you with a benchmark from which to work – a starting point from which to build your freelance business, and a basis to help you make informed decisions when negotiating contracts with clients.

The Current State Of Affairs

The current state of affairs in the Australian freelance copywriting market is surprisingly positive. The cost of living is high, but so is the demand for high-quality professional copywriters. This makes it cheaper for companies to outsource writing to dedicated freelancers, who can produce content on-demand as required. The shift to inhouse content marketing, as well as the advent of social media, have also contributed to the growth in the market. As a writer, you can command high prices for your services – significantly higher than the cost of living. If you want to know how much copywriting pays in Australia, then keep reading.

The Benefits Of Being A Freelancer

Working as a freelancer gives you the independence to choose your own hours, set your own rates, and work remotely whenever possible. In addition, you can grow your business as you see fit – whether you want to take on more work, or increase your rates. If you get stuck in a rut, or feel like your skills are becoming obsolete, you can always shift jobs to continue growing your income.

Being a freelancer also means you have the flexibility to work remotely. If you get stuck in traffic, or have to work extra hours to make up for lost time, you can always log off and do your work from home. The benefits of remote working are numerous – you can get more done, increase your output, and reduce your stress levels. If you want to be paid well for your copywriting skills, then working remotely is a great option. Make sure you factor this into your decision-making when negotiating contracts with clients.

The Cost Of Being A Freelancer

Depending on your experience, the cost of being a freelancer can range from extremely low to extremely high. For those fresh out of university, starting a business can seem like a daunting task. The good news is there are numerous courses and online resources to help you get up and running virtually immediately. If you want to know how much copywriting pays in Australia, then be sure to budget for about 6-12 months of business expenses, including paying off student loans.

Even for experienced freelancers, starting a business carries its own set of challenges. It takes time to build your reputation as a reliable and quality writer – which can take years. It can also be difficult to generate enough leads to sustain your freelance business. If you’re looking for the quick-and-easy way to make money, working for a company might be the ticket to sustainable, and profitable, freelance writing. For the rest of us, the good news is there is still plenty of room for growth within the Australian market.

A Typical Freelance Copywriting Assignment

So, what type of assignment should you be looking to secure as a freelance copywriter? Every copywriter’s daily workload will vary, so let’s examine a few of the most common ones. For the sake of this article, let’s assume you’ve been asked to write a press release announcing the arrival of a luxury hotel to your city. Your job will be to write a compelling piece, explaining to the reader why they should care about this story. What will you need to secure this assignment?

To start with, you’ll need to do your research. It would be best to speak to members of the media team at the hotel, or to review the publication’s previous coverage of similar stories. Gaining an understanding of why this story is notable, and how it might play out in the public eye, will assist you in formulating a compelling message. Once you’ve established the key facts, you can develop an outline, and begin drafting the copy.

Now, you need to find the right style of writing to bring this particular story to life. The easiest way to do this is to examine the published works of top-notch journalists, or to review the most successful press releases in your area of expertise. This will give you an indication of the types of prose and language the publication or hotel chain executives are looking for. Determine what makes your writing special, and use this to your advantage. Consider investing in a copyediting service to enhance your work, and to make it stand out even more. Finally, be mindful of your audience. What do they want? What do they need? How can you provide value to them?’

As a copywriter, one of the most important aspects of your job is selling the work you produce. An easy way to do this is by building a relationship with your audience. Learn to listen, and be observant of what they’re saying. This will give you the opportunity to identify key topics of conversation, and to develop arguments, or opinions, on which you can then regurgitate your persuasive voice. Remember, your goal is to convince the reader to take a particular action – in this case, to visit the hotel’s website, or to download the news story. If you want to know how much copywriting pays in Australia, then continue reading.

How Much Does Copywriting Pay In Australia?

Let’s examine the income of a dedicated freelance copywriter, working 40 hours per week, on an average basis. We’ll use real-world figures, extracted from publicly available tax records, to approximate the earning potential of a freelance copywriter in Australia.

The first step to understanding the income of a freelance writer is to define how you want to be paid. It is important to note here the vast majority of freelance writers will take on work for which they’re not being paid. This is known as ‘guerilla marketing’, and it is a common occurrence for writers to write content without receiving payment, in order to promote a brand, or to raise funds for a worthy cause. In these situations, your earnings will be reliant on the size of your audience, your publishing record, and the efficiency of your guerrilla marketing. For the sake of this article, let’s assume you are being paid for this work.

What Is The Typical Wage?

The typical wage for a highly-skilled Australian freelance copywriter, taking into consideration the above factors, is approximately $75,000 per year.

This seems like a decent income if you’re looking for an experienced writer to re-write some material for you, or to take on a new project. Bear in mind, this is just a benchmark – your earnings will vary significantly, depending on your experience, your rates, and the size of your audience.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Business?

The good news is you can setup a business, and get started immediately, without having to worry about finding premises, or establishing a client base. For those starting out in their 20s, this may be the preferred option, as you will have the opportunity to develop your business, while still being able to work remotely. Starting a business is not without its challenges. Obtaining a loan, or even finding a quiet desk in a shared office, can be difficult. The expenses will also quickly add up – you’ll need to budget for web hosting, domain registration, and software licenses. Once you’re up and running, it is worth taking the time to look back and appreciate what you’ve achieved. This way you’ll be able to continue growing your business, and benefiting from the freedom freelance writing offers.