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How Long Should It Take to Write and Publish a Good Ebook?

Ebooks have taken the world by storm and have become an integral part of many authors’ portfolios. No longer reserved solely for digital nomads and tech enthusiasts, savvy businesspeople and creative individuals have adopted the minimalist approach to publishing and are reaping the benefits of doing so.

The Benefits Of Ebooks

The vast majority of digital nomads and tech enthusiasts see ebooks as little more than a cheaper and more convenient replacement for traditional print publications. While that viewpoint may still hold true, the perks of e-books are far more significant and influential than the simple replacement of print media. Here are just some of the key benefits of ebooks.


Ebooks are just that: completely transparent. From the moment an author decides to self-publish, their work is available for all to see. If it’s good, it’ll be on the bestseller list within a month. There’s no need to keep your work under wraps for the sake of your personal privacy.

Increased Reach

Due to their digital nature, ebooks are much more accessible to a wider audience than conventional print publications. Thanks to platforms like Kindle, Apple Books, and Nook, the world is at your fingertips with just a few clicks of a button.

Reduced Cost

Ebooks are significantly less expensive to produce than print publications, which means lower production and advertising costs. Not only that, but due to the nature of the medium, you don’t have to be located in a large urban area to be able to reach your readers.


With the explosion of mobile devices and the rise of the digital nomad lifestyle, it’s no wonder that so many people have turned to ebooks as a way of life. After all, being able to read what you want, when you want, wherever you want is truly liberating.


Ebook‐friendly platforms like Kindle eliminate the need for clutter such as print‐on‐print sandwich varieties and packing cubes, which makes room for more content. In its place are sleek, minimalistic designs that provide an immersive reading experience, like the ones from OverDrive, Inc.

Thanks to the simplicity of the medium, you don’t need a large sum of money to invest in ebooks. Even a small investment in a Kindle or Apple Books can prove to be cost-effective in the long run. You may even decide to consider self-publishing an ebook as a cheaper, more efficient alternative to traditional publishing routes.

The Drawbacks Of Ebooks

While the benefits of ebooks are numerous, there’s one major drawback that all authors should be aware of.

If you’re trying to avoid that ubiquitous parenthesis, this probably isn’t the platform for you. Apart from the speed with which you can write and publish an ebook, the act of maintaining what is essentially a blog within a blog can become quite tedious. With each update, you’ll have to ensure that everything is correctly cited and formatted to match the rest of your work. For some writers, this can become a full-time job in itself.

Additionally, you’ll have to decide between offering your work for free as long as you can keep up with the workload or trying to monetize your efforts. The choice is ultimately up to you, but even those who decide to go the free route eventually hit a wall. After all, there’s nowhere near enough money to be made from an ebook that you can support a family on.

Other Considerations

Apart from the benefits and drawbacks mentioned above, there are a number of other crucial considerations that you should take into account before making the decision to write and publish your own book. These include marketing and distribution, finding a competent editor, and figuring out your royalties.

Marketing and distribution will determine how well your book does in the marketplace. You’ll need to decide whether you want to go the traditional route and approach bookstores or look into other avenues such as the internet or social media.

As for the editor, you’ll need to find someone who is both passionate about literary fiction and has the skills to bring your book to life, edit it, and get it published. Hiring an editor is not cheap, and you’ll want to make sure that they’re worth their weight in gold. If you decide to go this route, make sure that you work with someone who is well-known and has a large enough following to guarantee your book good reviews and solid sales.

Royalties are one of the main reasons why so many people decide to write and publish an ebook. Essentially, you’ll have to decide how much you’re willing to pay per month for the right to sell your book. Many self-published authors choose to give their work away for free while they work on monetizing their efforts. However, if you’re looking for quick cash, you may have to consider charging for your book. Nevertheless, even authors who decide to go the free route eventually hit a wall and have to find some way to make money off their work. The choice is ultimately up to you, but writing an ebook is a solid option for those who want to try something new.

As you may have guessed, there are a variety of options available to writers who want to self-publish. The choice is ultimately up to you, but if you want to try out self-publishing, your best option may be to write an ebook. It’s a quick and easy way to gain experience, launch your career, and make some money, all without having to conform to the traditional route.