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How to Become a Copywriter in 10 Days or Less

A copywriter is somebody who creates copy — compelling written material, such as sales letters, marketing promotions, or press releases — for different types of publications.

If you’re looking to break into the field and don’t have any writing experience, you might wonder how to become a copywriter. Although there’s no exact science to becoming a copywriter, the perfect storm that is content marketing, SEO, and social media means that anyone can get a start in the field.

Here, we’ll walk you through the process of becoming a copywriter from start to finish. We’ll explain what you need to consider, and by the end of it, you’ll be able to hit the ground running. Just remember: this is a quick tutorial. You can find a full list of copywriting jobs over at

The Education

To begin your career in copywriting, you’ll need a formal education. While a bachelor’s degree isn’t required, it’s strongly recommended. You’ll also need to consider whether you want to get a Master’s degree to really stand out. If you don’t have the money or the time to pursue your education, a traditional route might be out of the question. You might end up doing freelance work to make ends meet.

The Skill Set

Now, you might be wondering what kind of skill set you’ll need to become a successful copywriter. To start with, you’ll need to be able to think critically, analyse situations, and come up with ideas. To put it simply, you’ll need to be able to write. While the exact requirements vary by role, you’ll generally need to be able to think like a writer, and be able to string together compelling phrases and sentences.

On the subject of writing, you’ll also need to consider whether you want to specialize in content for business or marketing publications, or whether you’d like to become a generalist and pitch for both B2C and B2B clients. Finally, you’ll need to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely. If you can meet these minimum requirements, you’ll be able to carve out a niche for yourself in the field and start landing assignments quickly.

The Work Environment

Just like any other professional field, you’ll need to establish yourself in the industry. The best way to do this is by getting involved with professional organizations and networking groups. These are key places where you can find other writers, get introductions to editors, and make contacts. To give you an idea of how important networking is, here’s a little secret: most of the freelancers I work with are connected to other writers and freelancers through strategic networking. In other words, they help each other out by assigning each other work, or provide a platform for freelancers to showcase their work. It’s all about building connections and gaining credibility as a competent professional.

How to Get Started As A Copywriter

With so much information out there on the subject, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily for you, I have a solution: I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of steps that will get you started on your copywriting journey.

If you want to become a copywriter, here’s the perfect starter kit for you:

  • Take the time to read blogs, write down keywords, and create a content plan.
  • Join a writing group, read publications, and build your portfolio.
  • Look into courses related to content marketing, SEO, or social media.
  • Include keyword-rich information in your résumé and cover letters.
  • Follow established copywriters on social media, and look for opportunities to pitch your services.
  • Join a professional organization or networking group related to your chosen field.
  • Start a blog, and begin building your online presence.
  • Once you’ve established yourself as an expert in your field, begin pursuing assignments.

Now, it’s your turn. Don’t forget about these tips, and start building your writing career. You’re sure to succeed if you put in the work.