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How Is Brown University’s Creative Writing Program?

The Brown University Creative Writing program is one of the best in the country, and for good reason. Not only does it have a great reputation, but students have a chance to be published on prestigious magazine apps. Let’s take a look at the admissions process, faculty, and other interesting tidbits about the school’s creative writing program.

Admissions Process

There is no specific application for the Brown University creative writing program. Instead, students are encouraged to submit a sample of their writing (up to five poems or five pages of prose) to the university. From there, the Admissions Committee will contact the student with offers of admission. Students can then choose between the University and an off-campus site for their studies.

While it might sound like a good idea to study English literature at a university that is associated with one of the most prestigious media brands on the internet, keep in mind that this is a competitive arena. Applicants will need to stand out amongst the other candidates.


Brown University has some incredibly talented and respected faculty in the English department. Not only do they teach Creative Writing, but a wide array of related subjects like literature and linguistics. Not only does this mean that students learn a lot, but it also means that they have a lot of choice when it comes to elective-type classes. Here’s a short list of faculty members who are popular and well-versed in their fields:

  • Marjorie Bradshaw Higginson
  • Elaine Higginson
  • Richard Wilkes
  • Lia Puri
  • Tina Chang
  • Mona Hanson
  • Paul Marantz
  • Lydia Yeo
  • Elise O’Donnell
  • Liz Ann Sutton
  • David Shirk

If you’re interested in a career in creative writing, you’d have to look no further than Brown’s English department. Not only do they have one of the best reputations in the country, but they also have a lot of experience training writers.

Staff And Student Life

Brown University is a small school, with around 3,000 students. Therefore, there isn’t a lot of recreational activity organized by the university. Instead, students will need to find their own ways to have fun, which usually means going to class parties and getting involved with extracurricular activities.

There are tons of clubs and organizations on campus, ranging from sports teams to theater groups. Additionally, many students attend religious organizations, which not only provide them with a social outlet but offer them a way to explore their faith.

As for staff, there are approximately 150 people employed by the University, ranging from adjunct instructors to full-time, tenure-track professors. Some of these individuals are distinguished for their research on English literature, while others specialize in Creative Writing. With so many talented professors at the university, it’s no wonder that creative writing is such a popular and thriving program.

In terms of students, most of them work hard but have a lot of fun. The majority of the students are in the middle of their studies, with 24.9% holding a Bachelors and 22.2% holding a Masters. Almost a third of the students are in their first year (32.4%), and 22% are postgraduates. Only 8.3% of the students are enrolled in non-degree study, which can include anything from a Certificate to a PhD program.

As for demographic information, 54.2% of the students are female, and 45.8% are male. Moreover, 82.9% are Caucasian, 6.3% are Asian, 4.9% are Hispanic, and 3.9% are African-American. Additionally, 43% of the students are from outside the United States. When it comes to nationality, 56.8% are from the U.S., and 43.2% are international students.

What sets the Brown University Creative Writing program apart from other similar programs is the faculty members who teach there. Not only does it have some of the best English professors in the country, but it also attracts top academic institutions, like Harvard and Yale, and publishing companies.

If you’re looking to study English literature at a university with an Ivy League reputation, consider applying to Brown University. Not only do they have a creative writing program that is renowned for its top faculty and small class sizes, but they also have a lot of fun student life and recreational activities. Moreover, with an overall acceptance rate of 77%, it’s clear that prospective students have a good chance at gaining admittance to this incredible program.