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How to Earn $100 an Hour with Copywriting

If you’re looking for ways to earn fast cash, you’ve probably considered copywriting as a potential source of income. After all, the work is super simple. All you need is a keyboard, a nice set of earphones, and maybe a cup of coffee to help you get started. You can then choose from a variety of profitable niches, such as website content, social media pitches, and even product descriptions, to name just a few.

Well, yes, as far as writing goes, all you need is talent and the right tools. But there’s more to it than that. You need to understand how to approach the task, how to find your unique voice, and how to become one with the machine so that you can produce winning copy time and time again.

Find Your Niche

When you’re deciding between careers, consider all the lucrative options that exist on the horizon. For instance, if you’re a tech buff, you may want to specialize in software programming. If you have a natural talent for fixing things, you could excel in being a plumber or electrician. Or, if you’ve always loved to write, you could consider going the route of copywriting. The list of profitable vocations is actually pretty long, so don’t hesitate to think outside of the box.

Now, here’s the important part: Once you’ve chosen your niche, you need to determine which tool sets you’ll need to succeed. Begin by taking a look at the various platforms that your target audience uses. For example, if you’re aiming at a general audience, you may want to consider investing in a simple word processor. Alternatively, if you’re looking to write for a more specific group, such as tech-savvy individuals, you may want to look into purchasing a specialized tool set for that purpose.

Get To Work

As we already mentioned, all you need for copywriting are your ears, a keyboard, and a cup of coffee. So, if you’re looking to become a full-time professional copywriter, you’ll simply need to prepare to pitch projects continuously. This means that you’ll either need to find a way to be available continuously or get a job that allows you to be constantly available. One of the best things about this line of work is that it doesn’t require a lot of initial investment. All you need is a computer and a keyboard. Further, you can perform most of the task from home, so there’s no need to invest in expensive office spaces or furniture.

If you want to make fast cash, you can’t go wrong with copywriting as a source of income. With very little investment, you can get started with very little risk. Also, since you’ll generally be working on projects that will take only a few hours to complete, you can potentially earn a good chunk of change without risking too much of your own capital. This also makes it an ideal job for those who want to earn some extra cash without having to commit to an expensive university education.