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How a Writer of a Put Option Makes Money

A few years ago, Gerald Lambeau wrote and directed a successful movie called House of Gucci. It’s the story of three friends who travel the world selling luxury goods as a hobby and wind up being hired by a renowned fashion house to do the same thing. In the process, they learn a lot about the fashion industry, international relations, and cultural differences. It’s a great movie, and it gets better every time you see it. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you should absolutely check it out.

In the movie, Lambeau plays the part of Gucci executive Marc Jacobs. His character is based on the real-life designer and manager who was recently knighted by Elizabeth Taylor on her 91st birthday. After the movie was released and his character became a bit of a celebrity, Jacobs decided to write a book about his experiences with Lambeau and the fashion industry. It’s called The Man in the Middle: My Life in Fashion, and it’s already a best-seller in the UK. He signed a three-book deal with St. Martin’s Press after the movie’s premiere. The first book is called The Name of the Game: How a Football Coach’s Daughter Went on a Grand Tour of Duty and Found Herself on the Frontlines of Diplomacy. It’s Jacobs’ account of his time working as a special representative for the U.S. Embassy in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics. That book also came out last year and is already a best-seller in China. And then there’s this year’s The Man in the Middle, which is essentially a spiritual sequel to House of Gucci.

Option-Buying Writer Makes Big Bucks

So if you’re looking for a passive income stream, why not consider writing a book? You don’t even have to be good at writing to make money with it. All you need is a computer and the ability to type. There are plenty of lucrative options out there if you know where to look. And as long as you’re not adverse to hard work, you can make quite a lot of money (and fame) writing a book.

The Options Markets Are Booming

If you’re curious as to how Jacobs got into the option-buying business in the first place, it all started with his father’s purchase of stock in Intel back in the 1970s. While his father enjoyed a good long life, it wasn’t an easy one. He battled Alzheimer’s disease for years before he died in 2018 at the age of 87. By then, the stock had appreciated significantly, and it was the best thing his father had done for their family over the years. But by necessity, Marc had to get into the family business, and he did so by lending his services to the firm that inherited his father’s estate. It was called Lambeau Equity, and it specialized in buying and selling put options on tech companies like Intel and AMD. That’s where he learned his craft, and it’s something he’s done ever since. Now, he devotes his time almost entirely to the management of his firm and writing his books.

Why Are Put Options So Popular?

It’s a popular misconception that you have to be in the money market to make money investing in put options. That’s not the case at all. You can invest in almost any stock or index and use put options to make money – even if the underlying stock doesn’t have a particularly high market price. The reason put options are so popular is because they provide relatively high odds of profit given a certain degree of stock market volatility. It’s also one of the most flexible and fluid investment vehicles around. You can buy put options on stocks you already own or are thinking of purchasing. You can also use them to speculate on the direction of stock prices or to hedge against a potential market crash. Ultimately, put options allow for a quick and easy way to make money in the stock market. If you want to get into the stock market but don’t want to directly commit to purchasing shares, put options are a great alternative.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money, you might want to consider putting your talents to work in the booming options market. By writing for a living, Jacobs has been able to keep busy all these years while also making a fortune. If you’re interested, here’s a list of other lucrative writing gigs you might consider pursuing. Perhaps you can write the biographies of famous designers or write a self-help book if you’re still a bit of a mess when it comes to self-love.