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How to Get Paid to Write & Record Music

There are many ways to get paid to write music, but the most established and arguably most lucrative route is to become a recording artist. Many studios, big or small, are looking for new talent to produce songs for film and TV projects, and many of these studios will pay you handsomely for each song you produce. However, if you don’t possess a unique voice and can’t write simple yet memorable melodies, this route may not be for you.

The Many Ways To Get Paid To Write Music

Whether you’re an experienced songwriter or just starting out, there’s a way you can get paid to write music. Here are just a few of the options:

1.Freelance Music Journeys

If you’ve always dreamed about becoming a professional musician but never knew how to go about it, this is the perfect opportunity. With so many music jobs available, all you need is a computer and a mobile device to get started. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork give you the flexibility to work when and where you want, enabling you to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. These are freelancing platforms, so you will be responsible for generating your own income, pursuing contracts, and dealing with clients. Music jobs on these platforms vary from writing and producing music for films and TV shows to doing theme songs and other incidental music for businesses and brands.

2.Symphony Orchestras & Concert Bands

If you’ve got a musical talent and can write simple yet memorable melodies, you can join a string quartet or bigger orchestra where you’ll get to perform in front of an audience and potentially win some big-name recording contracts along with it. The catch is that you’ll need a somewhat advanced degree in music to be able to play an instrument well enough to join a band like this, so if you’re just starting out, you may not be able to take advantage of this opportunity. However, if you’re already a professional and can play multiple instruments, this is a great way to get paid to write music.

3.Dance Music

If you’re a dancing fool or just know how to have a good time, you can make a living as a dancer or choreographer and get paid to write music for films and TV shows that involve dancing. Usually, you’ll be asked to write a tempo and a rhythm for a dancer to follow, which you can do easily using software such as Pianoteq or Kontakt. If you’re looking to get started in the dance music industry, consider checking out Festival Season, a global platform that connects professional dancers with some of the top music producers in the world. Additionally, if you’re going to be a dancer, you might as well look for work that requires acrobatics, as this often leads to extra perks such as paid vacation and health insurance (which you can’t get if you’re just a regular employee).

4.Composition For Film & TV

This is a way to make good money without necessarily having to become a full-fledged recording artist, although it does involve signing a contract with a studio. Many top-tier film and TV studios will pay you to write and produce the music for their upcoming projects. While you won’t get paid per song, you will get paid per unit (usually around $250-350 per day depending on the project), so if you’re good, you can make a good living doing this. Just remember that this is more of a passive income opportunity, so you will need to put in the work to ensure that you get paid. However, this is a popular route for those who want to get started in the music industry as it provides them with a good foundation. If you’re looking for flexible work hours, write music for film and TV is a great option.

5.Appliance Reviews:

If you’re a home appliance reviewer, you can get paid to write reviews of various home appliances, including fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers. While this might involve some traveling, you can make a good living from home if you’re doing some recruiting for a major retail store that’s sponsoring you, as they’ll often pay you for each new customer that you bring them. Just remember that you’ll need to do some research before you apply, as this is a field that receives a lot of applications each year, and the competition is pretty high. Additionally, if you don’t have a good internet connection at home, consider getting one of these factory-direct sales jobs where you’ll get to provide home appliances to people in your area. Remember, you’ll need to provide your own transportation, as these jobs aren’t usually available near your hometown.

6.Private Music Lessons:

If you’ve got an instrument and can play it well, you can make good money by providing private music lessons to students who want to learn how to play a specific instrument. You’ll need to find students who want your private lessons and can afford them, as these are usually one-time-payment opportunities. However, if you’re looking for a way to make money from home, this is a good option, as you can usually find many students who want private lessons. Just remember that this can be a very time-consuming venture, as you’ll need to prepare for each lesson and have enough materials to cover, so if you’re looking for a part-time job, this might not be the best option.

7.Musical Theatre Scene Scenes:

If you’ve got an acoustic guitar, you can make good money by writing and performing songs for musicals, film scores, and TV shows. Just remember that this can be quite the musical career you’re likely to encounter, as most musical theatre studios are looking for new writers and performers, resulting in a lot of competition. However, if you can find a musical theatre scene that needs your talent, this is a great option, as you can take advantage of the competition among actors and musicians to get your foot in the door and eventually make a good living as a musician in theory.

8.Composer For Film & TV:

If you’re a composer, you can get paid to write music for films and TV shows. Much like writing for an orchestra or concert band, you’ll get to follow a master and create music for projects that are often funded by movies or TV shows. Just remember that this is a very competitive field, as there are a lot of extremely talented composers out there who are looking for work. If you don’t have a somewhat unique sound, you may not be able to get a foot in the door and eventually make a living as a composer in theory.

9.Sports Analysis:

If you’re an expert on sports teams and players, the analytics community can use your help. Many companies and firms pay people to crunch numbers and provide insight into the performance of individual athletes. You’ll need to connect with these companies and firms, as they usually work with analysts who have access to large data sets. Once you’re a valued analyst, you can get paid to travel and analyze sporting events, making a good living from home.

10.Home Decoration & Design:

If you’ve got a passion for home decoration and design, you can make good money by writing and designing home decoration and furniture. Plenty of companies and firms out there need someone to decorate their offices for Christmas or birthday parties, and many manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers need someone to design and manufacture their furniture. Just remember that this can be quite the busy lifestyle you’re likely to encounter, as there are always a lot of deadlines to meet.