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How Can the Online Writing Center Help You at SNHU?

Located in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire, the Slater Norman Hitchcock University (SNHU) is a public university that was established in 1968. SNHU offers 19 bachelor’s degrees and offers more than 150 courses online. While many students enjoy learning at SNHU, there are a few minor inconveniences that many students have complained about.

An Unreliable Wi-Fi Network

One of the major issues that students have complained about is the inefficiency of the Wifi network at SNHU. Many students have stated that they have had to pay for data roaming or purchase additional data plans because the free Wi-Fi service that is provided by the university is extremely slow and unreliable. According to reports, a large number of students have experienced technical difficulties using the Wi-Fi network, and many have stated that the service is frequently down. In general, students have complained about the Wi-Fi service at SNHU not meeting their needs. In response, the university has agreed to improve the quality of the service and stated that they will address the issue with their technical staff.

Inadequate Library Resources

Another area of concern for students is the quality of the library resources at SNHU. While many colleges and universities have invested heavily in e-books and databases, SNHU does not currently provide a comprehensive collection of electronic literature. As a result, students often have to visit the local public libraries to source research material. In addition, the university does not offer any kind of tutorial assistance for students who are having trouble with their studies. As a result, some students have stated that it is difficult to learn unless you have someone to help you, and they have suggested that the university needs to consider expanding its tutorial services or investing in more bibliographical assistance from librarians.

Poor Administration

While many students enjoy learning at SNHU, there have also been a number of complaints about the administrative processes of the university. Specifically, students express concern that their academic advisors are not always available to offer help or to provide extra guidance. Some students have also complained that the academic advisors do not provide them with the guidance that they need to succeed in their studies. In addition, many students feel that the academic advisors are not prepared to offer advice about jobs or internships, and they lack the expertise to provide guidance in this area. Finally, some students have stated that the academic advisors’ office is very poorly staffed and, as a result, can be difficult to access when you need to meet with them.

A good way to improve your learning experience at any university or college is to seek out the services of an online writing tutor. An online writing tutor can help you prepare your assignments and essays and provide constructive feedback on your work. They can also help you develop your skills in research, analysis, and commentary as you learn to navigate online sources and the scholarly literature. In short, by hiring an online writing tutor you can ensure that you get the most out of your studies and that your experience is both satisfactory and rewarding.