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How to Get a Job in Writing

Step one: Get a degree

You can get a jump start in your job search by getting a degree in journalism, business, or communications. All of these fields require a lot of writing, but you’ll also learn a lot along the way.

An advanced degree should also be on your radar. An MBA, for example, can get you started in your job search, as well as open up a lot of job opportunities in business. A PhD can also be a great choice, as you’ll be competing for jobs not only with students, but with experienced professors as well.

Step two: Networking events

After you get your degree, you’ll want to begin gaining writing experience. The best way to do this is by attending networking events. These are great places to meet people who can help you get your foot in the door, or give you some good advice about getting started in your career. Most of these events are free, so there’s no excuse not to attend.

Here’s a tip: Instead of just going to any old networking event, go to events that are specifically for journalists or writers. You’ll find more opportunities, and it will put you in the right mindset for your job search.

Step three: Start a blog

Blogs are an excellent way to create content that is both engaging and helpful. They can be used to build authority, position yourself as an expert, and create a network of like-minded individuals. There are many different platforms where you can start a blog, but personally, I recommend

Once you have your own blog, start creating content on a regular basis. This content does not necessarily have to be about career or writing-related topics- it can be about anything that you’re passionate about. The key is to find a topic that you know a lot about, and can then use that knowledge to provide helpful and authoritative content to your audience. You can use social media to find and connect with other bloggers, and journalists.

In addition to creating content, you can also use your blog to find a job. When I was blogging as a part of my job search, I would regularly post articles about business, marketing, and tech jobs. These articles would then appear on news sites, and the companies’ websites, promoting my blog and potentially bringing in new readers and subscribers. Sometimes you need to network even further and pitch stories to editors, who might then choose to run with your story, giving it exposure and drawing in more readers and subscribers. However, this is only possible if you have already established yourself as an expert in your field.

Step four: Create a brand

The key to getting a job in writing is, to a certain extent, brand recognition. If you want to get noticed by the gatekeepers of the industry, you’ll need to prove yourself as an expert in your field. The quickest way to do this is by creating a brand. A brand is much more than a logo or a name- it’s a representation of an organization’s values, beliefs, and personality that is associated with a particular product. For example, the Apple brand stands for quality, reliability, and innovative design.

When you establish yourself as an expert in your field, you can then use that credibility to your advantage. This is why you want to make sure that your blog posts and social media posts are always high-quality and polished. The more you can prove that you’re an expert, the more opportunities you’ll have.