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What Does PSO Mean?

PlayStation Organization (PSO) is a non-profit organization that was created to help develop and grow the PlayStation community. They provide an avenue for players to get involved in the creation of future PlayStation products. They also provide an outlet for developers to get their games on PlayStation systems. Finally, they connect gamers with the people who write and develop the games they love.

History Of PSO

The roots of PSO go back to 2006 when the PlayStation 3 was first released. This was followed by the release of the PlayStation Portable and finally the PlayStation 4. As these devices were becoming more advanced and capable, the need for help grew for those who were new to the scene. People who had experience with online gaming were also seeking ways to connect and help each other. Thus, the formation of PSO.


There are several different ways in which PSO helps gamers. First, they provide a place for gamers to network and get help from experienced gamers. Second, they bring games to PlayStation devices which can help introduce new gamers to the console world. Third, the organization helps developers get their games on PlayStation systems which can provide financial stability and a better overall experience for gamers.

Active Gamer Communities

One of the primary ways in which gamers can get involved with PSO is via their Active Gamer Community (AGC). This is a place where people can come together and share their experiences with online gaming. Much like a sports team, gamers in an AGC can band together to help each other succeed in online games. Additionally, they can also help develop new games that can enhance the experience of gamers everywhere. In 2017, the AGC had 101,400 members and the community managed to raise $60,000 for COVID-19 relief efforts.

Developer Mentoring

Developers who want to get their games on PlayStation systems can apply for mentorship through PSO. During this program, the developers will be given access to premium mentoring services and the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry. These services include financial counseling, legal support, and more. In return, the mentee must agree to provide free access to their games on PlayStation platforms for one year following the successful completion of the program. Those interested in this opportunity can find the application here. As of September 2020, there were 764 active mentages available.

PlayStation Labs

One of the primary ways in which PSO helps developers is through PlayStation Labs. Much like Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) X-Cloud, PlayStation Labs gives developers access to premium servers which they can use to test their products when they are not available on consumer devices. Through this program, developers can get their game on the PlayStation console or bring it to another platform and test it out. Additionally, the servers are completely free and they provide a secure and private place for developers to test and experiment with their products.

Launch Weekends

Another way in which PSO helps developers is through the Launch Weekends program. Similar to Game Stop Foundation’s (GMR) Gamers Giving program, in which gamers can provide support during the purchase of games, Launch Weekends focuses on providing support after the purchase of a game. During a launch weekend, experienced gamers will help educate and guide new players on how to use their console effectively and safely. These volunteers will be available to help answer any questions that you may have about your new device, how to use it, or what features it has. Additionally, they can offer advice on game strategies, tips on how to improve performance, and much more.

Funding For Creatives

One of the primary ways in which PSO helps developers and creators is through their Funding for Creatives program. Similar to the Creative Crowdfunding program which also helps creatives get funded for their projects, the main purpose of the Funded Creatives program is to provide financial stability to independent game developers and artists. Through this program, individuals can apply for investment funds which can be used to sustain them while they work on new projects.

Additionally, the organization also provides an avenue for indies to get their games on mobile devices and PC’s through their publishing program. By creating a digital storefront for indies, they provide a wider audience and the opportunity to get money from more sources. In 2019 alone, over 80 mobile games were published through the PSO Publishing platform and earned over $60,000 for the developers.

Partnerships And Affiliations

Finally, PSO is involved in a number of partnerships and affiliations which help raise awareness and funds for worthy causes. Some of these are mentioned above but, in summary: